Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Main Idea of YIA

YIA in my opinion is a genius idea, youth are often not given the chance to actually do things on their own.  A majority of the time, as a youth, one is given strict guidelines to follow while attending K through 12.  Instead, of being encouraged to create their own learning guidelines they are forced to tend to something that may or may not work for them.  This is an issue that I feel many of us have faced at one point or another and has followed us all of the way into higher education.
Throughout High School many of us were forced to take courses that did not interest us which is no large issue.  The complications occur when the teacher only conveys information in one way, there are many students in a class and not one of them will learn the same way as another.  Some may be enjoying the subject, some may dislike the subject, and some may just be struggling with memorizing or grasping the concept.  Some teachers may realize this and change their methods while some may be stubborn and allow their students to fail.  I believe that YIA is playing a huge role in changing the way education is being used!  Although there are some amazing teachers, a lot must change in order to increase graduation rates in urban places such as Providence. 
I did not attend High School in an urban area but if I did YIA would have been a great option for me.  Schooling was very dull for me and the little that they offered for extracurricular activities was quite sad.  There really was no wiggle room to create your own after school programs and the encouragement to do so was very poor.  I appreciate all that YIA is doing because they are expanding from there own turf into schools!  Not only is it a place that helps you learn about growing as a person but it inspires confidence in students and allows them to think that whatever they set their minds to is very possible.  It takes away the fear of entering new places and thinking that they are insignificant compared to others or their school.  YIA encourages change and inspiration for new ways of thinking compared to the diversity around us.  


  1. Because you are also trying to help inspire youth that you would be a great asset to YIA. It seems like your values line up pretty well. :)

  2. I completely agree with you about what an important and wonderful program YIA is. I also think that there has to be a change in the way we educate youth. There is too much of a focus on teaching to the test, and not enough of a focus on teaching in a way that will excite youth to want to learn. Education should not be dull, and YIA is a great way to help educate youth and provide them with opportunities for growth and success.

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  4. Great insight on your view toward YIA. You are completely right in High School we never was given much of a choice, everything was created for us, whether we are interested or not. I would be grateful to see more YIA organizations being established.