Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ideology Horoscope

Everyone has a different style of teaching and participating with youth in different areas.  In youth work, it is possible to visit areas such as purpose, teaching, learning, knowledge, childhood, and evaluation.  In each area of this field there are different approaches that one may take.  One may form protective barriers to prevent youth from ever venturing into dangerous areas of life that will lead to a negative outcome.  Another may take a step to involve youth as if they are adults to form negotiations that will take place between youth and adult; rather than speaking at the youth and telling them what would be a better solution.  This method gives the student an option to change things for the better according to what they think is best.
The Ideology Horoscope will be able to tell you what kind of youth worker you might be when it comes time to be in the field.  There are 3 outcomes that you will be placed in considering the answers that you put for each of the categories.  There are 3 answers under each category that you must label as 1, 2, or 3.  One would place 3 next to the statement that is disliked the most and 1 is placed next to the answer that is liked the most.  After the quiz, you will add up the numbers based off of the answer key at the bottom.  Once the numbers are added up they will be placed in 3 categories listed as risk, resiliency, and prevention/positive youth development/critical youth development.  I scored highest in critical youth development and lowest in positive youth development.  Since this was the lowest score, this may be the style that I use when in the field with youth.  This area attempts to foster a positive circle around the youth whether it is through family, friends, or school that the youth may attend.  It also focuses itself on having the youth create a positive identity for themselves while focusing on learning and maintaining a positive attitude.  This would help the youth achieve what they focus on.
All of these outcomes are certainly positive ones.  There are many methods of working with youth but this ideology test may help a youth worker narrow down their focus.  If you are interested in taking the ideology horoscope you can take it via the link below!

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