Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Youth Work

Youth work is so much more than people expect.  Yes, it may be a simple term but there are so many branches of a career that it could be applied to.  Youth work is the base of many things that apply to youth but there really is no one definition.  According to the reading that I completed whether it is volunteer or paid work, the quality of the work depends on the dynamic of the youth worker.  It also depends on the quality of the relationship that is being built between the youth and the worker.  There are so many different factors that are built into youth work.  A major factor that plays a part in this is the field that one may go into when working with youth.  There are many different areas that one may specialize in.  In order to be successful one has to change methods according to their specialization.
Although youth work may not be the traditional way of teaching, it is still a method of learning simultaneously off of each other.  It is something that requires more listening than speaking.  If we take time to actually listen to the young ones that will fill our future then we will be better off at understanding and helping them form a better one.  In youth work, the youth can take the lead and form leadership skills that they may not otherwise form by listening to hours of lecture in a regular classroom.  They learn to follow what they find to be interesting rather than what they are taught in the main 4 subjects.  In youth work, differences are positive things that should be reinforced.  Youth development is not only educational but also something that develops their personal skills and wellbeing according to their needs.

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